About Selected Sounds

About Selected Sounds

Selected Sounds officially exists since 2004, but our affinity with vinyl goes back much further. We strive to be the best in what we do because of professionality, enthusiasm and effort. For you, this means:

  • Specialists in many genres of vinyl, from pop and rock to jazz and classical
  • Trustworthy merchant with years of experience
  • Large international customer base where records are in good hands

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Raymond Kok

Owner and vinyl fanatic

As a collector, Raymond knows what gets vinyl collectors excited. He is always looking for the records that deserve to be heard, whether it's known or unknown music. For that, he will travel to far places, Belgium and the Netherlands are beloved countries to him. Raymond is collector and also a bit of work-crazy. Whoever approaches him will always get a fair view on the case. If you are going to talk about vinyl with him, you might need an extra pot of coffee.



Administration and shippings

Behind the curtains, Dieke plays a prominent role in the company. Our customers often don't know that there is no record that's sent without her help. Besides that she makes sure all administrative duties are fulfilled. So don't worry about sending a small thanks to Dieke, she surely deserves it!



Fairs and events

When it comes to blood, sweat and tears, there is one man who stands tall and that is Björn. It's a pity that we have to share him with other employers, but he always helps with a a couple of selected fairs. So there is good chance that you have already seen him.



The baby of our vinyl gang AKA “the intern”

Samary is a youthful vinyl fanatic who completely loses himself in music and vinyl. He's become invested with us for his study and he's a guy who completely gets it.

Did you know?!

Vinyl has never been gone in our eyes!

That our average feedback score amounts to 99.9%

Raymond personally has held over 5.000.000 records