What's your record worth?

What's your record worth?

Are you looking for someone who is capable of determining the worth of your collection for insurances or sale? Selected Sounds will give assessment reports.

In over fifteen years of professional services we as trader and auctioneer and more have accumulated lots of experience with vinyl records. Because of that background and our personal passion for vinyl we are able to assess the worth of the objects on both a technical financial and an emotional level. Are you interested in an assessment, please contact us “here”. The costs depend on a number of factors, but starts with 125,00 euros.

We give you three main reasons to choose an assessment from Selected Sounds:

  • You are dealing with an experienced specialist on vinyl records
  • Who accounts for the demand for genres and artists in our and foreign countries
  • Assessments can be profitable, many collections contain treasures that would otherwise go unnoticed

Request for more information

Are you interested in our services, please contact us. We normally will contact you within 24 to 48 hours.

Did you know?!

That Selected Sounds gives a warm help to collectors who are thinking of quitting collecting

Our expertise was utilised in an auction which brought up over 100.000,00 euro

That Selected Sounds has been rated by over 10.000 buyers